Welcome to Carp Dream Fishing, a long established family run company offering guided and unguided tours on the beautiful river Ebro, Caspe, Spain.

The fully inclusive holidays

As we are very competitive we are now offering holidays per angler at 300 pounds per week based on three anglers Five anglers one goes free. these are winter carp fishing  only  prices   14th of november to 14th of february . untouched  and  some real big girls to be landed 

A small deposit of 100 Pounds each person will secure your holiday.


This is no bait supplied but accommodationis either in local hotel or  in luxury apartments, fantastic fishing locations and the following kit:

  • 2 x rods for carp fishing with reels plus end tackle
    please note on licence you may use two rods at any one time not four
  • 2 x alarms
  • 1 x landing net
  • 1 x unhook mat
  • 1 x weigh sling for carp
  • 1 x weighing scales for carp and catfish
  • 1 x with big weigh bars for the catfish
  • 1 x large unhook stations for catfish
  • pods or single bank stick fully adjustable
  • suspended fully supported unhooking mat (fish care is a top priority)


We now also offer Zander fishing holidays, check our Zander fishing section for galleries and fishing methods. this is all year round fishing

No need to freeze this winter

Our latest Winter Carp Fishing prices are based on the amount of anglers wishing to fish in warmer climates during them hard long winter months in the uk and the rest of Europe.
We take great pride in taking anglers fishing and amazing them with what we catch in winter.
every year more people are aware of the potential the river ebro has.
Carp fishing here can be explosive with the catfish slower in winter the carp feed with less stress and some of the really big girls come out with recent catches of 63lb near to where we live and more 50+ lb fish all this winter .
so if you fancy a long or short trip we cater for you just let us know how long you want to fish for
long weekends or midweek trips are available to suit you .

You have the choice of eating out, we have a list of recommended restaurants with only the best food. You can email me for more information, when you contact me, can you please tell me how many days fishing or days boat hire you require. You can find answers to many other questions on our FAQ page. Please be aware all deposits are non refundable.

Your Guide

Gary Sheridan


Legal Notice

We strongly recommend you read all the information below and make sure you totally understand everything that has been written in the legal notice.

Your deposit is non returnable if you pay in full you will be re-imbursed with the amount less deposit of 20% of total price this deposit is for fishing and guided holidays. If for whatever reason you have to leave and we have booked you and only you in for that week then you have to pay for that week in question. This will be due to cancellations for other parties. If we have to move location for the better then we will do this for your benefit of the fishing.

Pellet fishing

Pellet fishing holidays one week if you do not catch a catfish then we will give you a free holiday this is based upon you buying your pellets for fishing minimum amount 75 kilos of bait, which is three sacs of bait. Plus fishing for one week Per angler. If after using all the bait above mentioned then we will be more than happy to give you a free holiday. This is using normal pellets that are used here.


Please be advised of this offer . This offer also applies when nature intervenes and causes the river to flood and making fishing totally impossible. Where ever possible we will adhere to inform you of such matters. And take any steps to help you with these circumstances, like moving to other areas. Please be advised of this rule.

Important information regarding Passports

There is a law in spain that states you are to carry your passport with you at all times. You will be asked by some companys to leave your passports with them. Refuse to do so as this is totaly illegal and they cannot do this. Keep your passport on you at all times with your fishing licences.

Unforeseen Circumstances

All people must carry there own insurance when on holiday as Carp Dream Fishing, cannot be held responsible for any accidents ,deaths, births, marriages, car or boat issues and this includes activities in the and out of the water. We also are not responsible for people on special medicine or special needs.

We will adhere to help, as on any holiday you should carry any if not all insurance’s to cover all aspects of risks and damages that may occur this includes insurance for change of flights and possible change of destinations as this is in your own interest if you wish to travel or leave early you can buy bank side and boat insurance whilst here on holiday but you must ask for it on request, we can supply.

All deposits for holidays are non returnable this is normal for any deposits in any situations. We are not responsible for any natural disasters or any unforeseen circumstances that may happen whilst you are here or before your arrival. We will endeavour to inform you if there are circumstances that may eventually lead to your time here being spoilt in any way for example river conditions that are not fishable and floods or even possible flight delays, or change of location we also reserve the right to inform the local police of any illegal activities or any major circumstances that may arrive.

We reserve the right to change this legal / public notice at any time for any reason unforeseen and may be at a later date as to what is or is not advertised.

By sending us an e-mail you are agreeing to this above legal notice and herby agree to all our rules and local bylaws according to the local authorities.

All offers and descriptions of offers and other services are subject to change without any further notice’s.